Our Story

Elson-Alexandre, now E.A. Photography, was established in 1945 in Los Angeles, California by Al Elson and Jerry Alexandre. These men learned the photography business in New York and ventured to the new and growing area of California, seeking their future. The founders believed there was need for a business providing high quality portraits to the professional community. The company’s original model consisted of photographers and apprentices carrying their equipment from office to office, photographing business executives and medical professionals. The film was taken back to the studio, processed, proofs were printed, and a sales consultant retraced the photographer’s steps, offering the highest quality portraiture available to the community.

     In 1962, Stanley Pesner joined the company as a sales associate. He became President in 1971 when Jerry Alexandre became too ill to continue working. Over time, Stan Pesner’s wife Lila and their 4 children each joined the firm in various capacities. With Stan’s retirement in 2005, the Company was reorganized and is currently owned and operated by Linda Pesner and her husband Robert Redhead. 

     In the 1990’s, digital photography was embraced as the “next great idea” for the industry. However, EA felt that digital images created an inferior product compared to traditional photography. By December 2009, the technology had caught up with applications, so we converted our operation, while still maintaining the quality of our products and our negative files of over 650,000 customers. We continue to do all our art work and finishing of portraits from 5x7 to large oil paintings in our Anaheim, California Studio. Utilizing tight control on our production process, we are the only photography company guaranteeing its work against fading for 10 years.

     The company has expanded and changed direction considerably over 70 plus years, becoming one of the largest executive and family portrait studios in the country,  while building a reputation for producing the very finest in executive portraiture and maintaining a small family business atmosphere.  Our talented staff includes 12 Master Photographers with almost three centuries of photographic experience. We also employ 18 team members including 3 graphic experts, 6 retouching professionals, and customer service personnel to ensure a quality customer experience.  Finally, 14 part-time college students help our customers schedule their individual appointments.

     E.A. is unique in that we have blended the old world techniques of fine portraiture finishing with the modern use of digital files to create the highest quality, best guaranteed portraiture in the marketplace. 

Jerome Alexandre (1913-1984)

Jerome Alexandre

Shirley Nelson

Shirley Nelson

Norman Frimkess (1916 - 1975)

Norman Frimkess
(1916 - 1975)

Alexander Levine (1920-1983)

Alexander Levine

Stanley J. Pesner

Stanley J. Pesner