Membership Recognition Program

Our Membership Recognition Program is a product of our dedication to the members of the Club, as well as their individual wishes. Prioritizing membership participation, and creating a sense of community and belonging within the Club is our focus here at EA Photography. Our goal is to create an engaging, family-friendly atmosphere for the Club’s membership to enjoy.

The album is striking and the photos are of excellent quality. It’s really quite humorous to watch the members look through the album because many of them don’t know each other, we will occasionally hear ‘Oh that’s who that is.’
— Robert R. Gonzales, General Manager of the El Paso Club

The Membership Recognition Program provides an array of benefits-- both for members and for the Club! Additionally, at no cost to you, EA Photography will provide the club with a variety of benefits, all of which provide the opportunity for membership and staff to grow and become more familiar with one another. The most notable of these features would be that we provide images for the Club’s website or Point of Sale system, thus delivering an organized, professional presentation of your membership.

How it works:

Our professionally-trained photographers will set up inside the club and photograph your members, their families, club management, and primary staff, all at no cost to the club or membership. Photography sittings will be held at a location determined by the club, and, once contacted by our expertly-trained scheduling staff, members will choose their ideal sitting time. After the member chooses their desired photograph to be included in the program, our photographer will offer pictorial packages for purchase-- however, at no time is a member obligated to purchase any product of EA Photography.

Prior to the end of photography, our Director of Club Products will work with your team to develop a personalized plan for completing your program. Albums are built, proofed, and delivered to your club, and member images are sent in multiple digital formats tailored directly for your Point of Sale system.

Our goal is to build lifelong partnerships with our clubs, generate an engaging Club atmosphere for the membership, and create an unforgettable photography experience for the members and staff of the Club.

Have questions about our program? Please feel free to contact us using the link below!