#1 Provider Of Member Images For Private Club Use

EA Photography would like to thank you for taking the time and visiting our website. With a track record of almost 70 years and over 700 private clubs, EA Photography has become the leader in Membership Recognition Programs for exclusive private clubs nationwide. The more high tech and impersonal our society becomes the more each of us desires personal recognition and human contact. The private club industry is personal recognition. The natural selection of our friends, the extension of our homes, and the feeling of belonging and being recognized is the heart of every private club. The more the staff understands and conforms to this, the more the members will enjoy and use their club. Membership recognition is one of the key attributes of all private clubs.

What we provide the club at no cost

  • Portrait Albums

    a 13″ X 19″ leather-bound album for display in club of all the members.

  • Wall Displays

    Portraits of Board of Directors/President, or Management.

  • Digital Images

    CD containing member and employee portraits formatted to work with your website and/or

    Club Software such as Jonas, Club Essentials, Members First, etc.

  • Digital Album

    CD containing a digital pictorial album in .PDF format which we will provide to every member at no cost.

Additional Products available

  • Pictorial Digital or Paper Directories

    With 50% participation from the members we will provide one digital or paper pictorial directory to every club member at no cost with additional copies available for purchase. Please contact us for information on the costs associated with a printed paper directory for less than 50% participation.

How Our Program Is Designed

Our professionally trained photographers will set up at the club and photograph the Staff, Management, Members and/or Families. At no time is the club responsible for any expenses incurred by the photographers.

Our staff will contact all members by mail and phone using an approved script by the club to schedule appointments. We have respected the confidentiality of club members for almost 70 years and handle this information with the utmost care. (We have a complete privacy policy available upon request.) Photography will take approximately 30 minutes at the desired location of the club. The members will not be required to pay a sitting fee and are informed that the photography is for the clubs album and/or directory.

After the member chooses a photograph to be included in the album and/or directory our photographer at that time will offer pictorial packages for purchase. At no time is the member obligated to purchase any product of EA Photography.