Your people do beautiful work indeed, and my wife, Peggy, and I are delighted with the results. We’ve already received many pleased comments from those we’ve sent Christmas pictures to, which makes it all worthwhile.
— Byron Nelson
In all my thirty-eight years of being photographed as a member of the Hollywood acting fraternity, I have never been as impressed as I am with the quality of your work.
— Chuck Connors

The album is striking and the photos are of excellent quality. It’s really quite humorous to watch the members look through the album because many of them don’t know each other, we will occasionally hear ‘Oh that’s who that is.’
— Robert R. Gonzales, General Manager of the El Paso Club
We were very pleased at the response from our members to the emails sent out by our club and by your team calling to schedule their photography sessions. It certainly made the process very successful and simple for everyone involved.
— Rudiger S. Loose, General Manager of Island Country Club

I am so pleased with the entire process and would recommend the services of EA Photography to any private club.
— Mark O. Barrett, C.C.M., General Manager of The Club at Indian Springs
There are really no adequate words to describe our surprise and pleasure upon receiving this exquisite gift. Over the years I have had may portraits painted and pictures taken, but this particular work outshines them all.
— Gene Autry

Thanks so much for the great portrait shots!
— Joe Mantegna
We are proud of the professional quality of the photographs as well as the album display, which does justice to the photos as well as our lobby.
— Dorothy Douglass, Executive Secretary of Lakeside Golf Club