Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is the Club doing this program?

A. Recognition amongst the membership and personalized service are at the heart of the Club experience. Having images available on the website will assist members in getting to know each other with greater ease, and will assist our staff in learning members’ names and creating a familial atmosphere at the Club.  While several of our staff have been here for many years and are already very good  with recognition, the program will help them recognize our newer members, and will make training easier for newer staff.

Q. How does the reservation process work?

A. To make this project successful, it is important that we have each Member and their families participate. The member letter notification has the phone number of EA Photography for you to schedule your family’s appointment. Otherwise an appointment scheduler will be contacting you directly between the hours of 8:30 AM to 8:00 PM to assist you in the scheduling of your photography appointment. Please be advised that your confidential information will not be given to any other company or used for any other purpose.

Q. What is the benefit for the photography company?

A. While the sitting is no cost, they do offer the professional family portraiture for purchase. The purchase of the portraits is entirely optional. This is how EA Photography is able to offer their services at no cost to our club.

Q. Who will be able to see the images?

A. The images will be available only to the staff and other club members.

Q. What if I don’t want to talk to the photography company to call me?

A. You may contact EA Photography through e-mail ( or by fax 714-523-8801. Or you may choose to contact the club and request to opt out of the program.

Q. Should my family attend the sitting?

A. EA Photography encourages families to participate at no charge.

Q. What should we wear?

A. You may choose to wear whatever you feel is appropriate. Since this is a professional sitting, many members are choosing to dress up. Our recommendation is that gentlemen wear a coat and ladies wear business or dressy attire-something with a sleeve is always flattering. However we encourage you to wear whatever you are most comfortable with.

Q. What if I am out of town and can not attend a sitting during the project?

A. Another set of appointment dates may be considered at a later date depending on the initial turnout.

Q. Is participation mandatory?

A. No. While we would like to have all members participate, you may certainly choose not to have your photo in the album.